Rainier -V4 - (15lbs)

Rainier -V4 - (15lbs)

Vendor :Open Source Steel

Type :Extractors


$ 8,545.30
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  • 15lb material capacity - (2x 7.5lbs)
  • Includes 2x Non-Jacketed 6"x36" Tri-Clamp Spools
  • Material Columns have inline filter bodies where filter papers are used to filter out undesirables
  • Valved manifold for maximum control during your extraction
  • Modular rack and mounting brackets to adapt and expand with your business needs(24in wide center)
  • Large 12"x24" collection vessel for max capacity; fully jacketed
  • Round Bottom Jacketed Base designed for hot water recirculation for a speedy recovery
  • Pour Spout designed for quick and painless pour outs
  • 3"x12" Sieve holds about 2lbs of 3A Molecular Sieve Bead to help remove moisture from your extraction
  • Setup for Passive Recovery
    -If you're recovering actively, look into our Coils/CondensersPumpsand Heaters/Chillers to upgrade


Comes Assembled & Pressure tested!



  • Filter Papers - (1-3micron and 20-25micron)
  • Stainless Braided Hosing - (4x 18", 1x 24", 1x 32", 2x 48", 2x 72")
  • Thread Tape
  • Nylon Hose Clamps


Benefits of Compression Fittings

  • Tapeless System
  • Ability To Withstand Higher Pressures
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Extended Service Life
  • Suitable for all hydrocarbon gasses
  • General ease of use and positioning of gauges and valves