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Distillation Class

Short Path / Fractional Distillation Class
Brought to by Open Source Steel and Confidence Analytics.


Day 1 Location & Details:

Open Source Steel
23414 68th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032

- Classroom Lecture / Slides

  • Origins and history of distillation
  • Basics of distillation apparatus
  • Design of distillation apparatus (Batch, Continuous, Industrial, Benchtop)
  • Principles of distillation (Thermal Energy, Boiling Points, Evaporative Theory, Vapor Pressure)
  • Simple Distillation (Colligative Properties / Solutes, Boiling Point Elevation)
  • Vacuum Distillation (Vacuum Pumps, Benchtop Distillation, Rotorary Evaporators, Alcohol Stills)
  • Fractional Distillation (Vacuum Pumps, Short Path Distillation, Theoretical Plates, Reflux Ratio, Packing, Column Design, Vacuum Level, Vacuum Displacement)
  • Molecular Distillation (Wiped film, Thin film, Falling Film, Diffusion Pumps)

- Lunch
- Winterization & Filtration Discussion
- Safety & Setup
- Terpene Reintroduction Discussion
- Product Applications (Edibles, E-Pens, Pharmaceutical, Topical)
- Q&A / Open Discussion

Day 2
Location & Details:

Confidence Analytics
14797 NE 95th St
Redmond, WA 98052

- Distillation Setup
- Pre-distillation filtration demo (Vacuum assisted Buchner filtration)
- Complete Distillation Demonstation
- Cleanup Process
- Q&A

Day 1 includes a complimentary breakfast snacks and lunch provided by Open Source Steel.

Estimated class length time is roughly 5 hours total each day. Day 1 starting at 10 AM, day 2 starting at 11 AM

Online classes are available, please contact us after purchasing your ticket for arrangements.

For additional information please contact or 800-333-4729