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J-Kem Digital Vacuum Regulator 120 Vac

  • $ 1,365.00

An ideal instrument for laboratory vacuum regulation.

Connect the regulator to any vacuum pump or vacuum source and then to any piece of equipment to regulate pressure in most cases to ± 1 torr.

A pressure ramp feature evacuates equipment at a user defined rate to eliminate bumping due to solvent degassing or over-evacuation.

The vacuum regulator is ideally suited for large volume distillations, rotary evaporators and vacuum chambers.

Recover > 99% of solvent from rotary evaporators


NO Mercury

100% digital pressure entry and control

Wetted parts are 100% stainless steel and Teflon

Vacuum ramping feature eliminates bumping

USB port and free software for PC control

Resists: All organic solvents Acids Bases Water

Not recommended for small volume distillations or applications which involve a continuous purge with gas, these applications are better performed by J-KEMs Precision Vacuum Regulator, Model DVR-1000.

Model DVR-200

Designed for continuous vacuum sources, such as oil-filled vacuum pumps, aspirators, or systems that are always on, like in-house vacuum systems. The DVR-200 regulates pressure by opening and closing a valve that separates the vacuum source from the system being evacuated. In most cases, the DVR-200 is the best choice.

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