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Fractional Distillation Glass Turn Key Package

Fractional Distillation Glass Turn Key Package

  • $ 4,499.99

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Complete Fractional Distillation Glass Package comes with every accessory you need to start processing your crude material into beautiful, clear, distillate.

Special Attention:

  • 2 Liter Mantels come with Voltage of 120, 450 Watts
  • 5 Liter Mantels come with Voltage of 220, 800 Watts

Please make sure you check your power/electrical requirements before purchasing this item!

  • 1x 2L/5L Round Bottom Flask
  • 1x 2L/5L Fractional Distillation Head with Vacuum Port
  • 1x 24/40 Thermometer Adapter
  • 1x 14/20 Thermometer Adapter
  • 1x 24/40 250ml Cow Receiver
  • 3x 24/40 250ml Round Bottom Flask
  • 1x 4" 45/50 Dewar Condenser / Cold Trap
  • 1x 45/50 1000ml Round Bottom Dewar Flask
  • 1x 45/50 50ml Round Bottom Dewar Cap
  • 6x GL-14 Connectors
  • 2x Metal Keck Clips
  • 4x Plastic Keck Clips


  • 1x Heating Mantel
  • 1x 10ft 1/4" Silicone Hose
  • 1x Lab Jack
  • 1x Lab Stand
  • 1x 3 Prong Arm
  • 1x 3" Retort Ring
  • 2x Boss Head Clamp
  • 1x Large Chain Clamp
  • 3x 250-500ml Cork Rings
  • 1x 1000-3000ml Cork Ring
  • 1x Tube Vacuum Grease
  • 1x Pack of assorted PTFE Stir Bars
  • 1x 14/20 Penny Stopper
  • 1x 100°C 5L Capacity Recirculating Heater Bath 110V
  • 1x Welch 1400b Duo Seal Vacuum Pump

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Interested in the 5000mL fractional distillation package. What pieces are you out of stock and/or when will you have all parts in stock? Thanks!

    From time to time we are out of stock at our retail location of vacuum pumps or recirculating chillers. For all other components we typically stock 99% of the time: Glassware, Accessories, Mantels, Ect... 

    If we are out of stock on any items!
    This does not mean we cant sell it to you, it just requires us to drop ship from one of our distirbutors locations to you directly as a shipment. This can sometimes take a little longer then if we had just had it in stock and ready to ship ourselves.

    I recommend trying to give us a call or contacting us if you want to check stock before making a purchase, just to be sure.. 

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