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LusterMax is an activated bentonite clay with modified characteristics best suited for botanical extractions into a wide variety of end-product types. This takes a balance of strength and aversion for precious aromatic and flavor-producing compounds. 


Developed by an experienced extraction technician, LusterMax's qualities stem from its attention to 4 variable characteristics that make up how well an adsorbent media works.

  • Mineral Composition: What is the bentonite clay composed of.
  • Particle Size Range: What are the particle sizes and how well do they let liquid flow through.
  • Degree Of Activation: How much surface area is unlocked via activation
  • Post Activation pH: What is the measured pH and how this effects crystalization speed.


LusterMax is designed by extractors to be simple and of omi-use. Meaning you can ditch your complicated 4-part blend and use LusterMax to achieve the same quality results with the occasional Silica Gel additive for extremely degraded biomass.


No media option on the market exists, that offers this level of strength and aversion for terpenes at the price point that allows manufacturers to fully utilize the refinement of adsorbent media like LusterMax.