Material Rack w/ Jackets (30 lbs.) - 6"

Material Rack w/ Jackets (30 lbs.) - 6"

Vendor :Open Source Steel

Type :Material Racks


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The MR-4 Jacketed Material Column Rack

A stand-alone mobile material column rack; up to 30lbs of material capacity

Fully Jacketed Material Rack; includes Manifolding for Jacketed Columns

Comes Assembled & Pressure tested, saving you time and $$$!!

6"x36" Material Columns
125psi Pressure Relief Valves
150psi Pressure Gauges
Inline Filtration Stacks
Solvent Injection Manifold
Solvent Recovery Manifold
Jacketed Injection Manifold
Jacketed Recovery Manifold
Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hosing (JIC Connections)
Jacketed Hosing (1/2" Hose Barb Connections)

Accessories Included:
1-3 micron Filter Papers
20-25 micron Filter Papers
4x 6" Filter Plates
8x 6" Filter Rings
8x 6"x36" Nylon Filter Socks
Nylon Hose Clamps