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Short Path Distillation Class August 19th-20th

Short Path Distillation Class August 19th-20th

  • $ 999.99

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Short Path Distillation ClassBrought to by Open Source Steel and Confidence Analytics.

Day 1 Location & Details:

Open Source Steel
23414 68th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032

- Classroom Lecture / Slides

  • Origins and history of distillation
  • Basics of distillation apparatus
  • Design of distillation apparatus (Batch, Continuous, Industrial, Benchtop)
  • Principles of distillation (Thermal Energy, Boiling Points, Evaporative Theory, Vapor Pressure)
  • Simple Distillation (Colligative Properties / Solutes, Boiling Point Elevation)
  • Vacuum Distillation (Vacuum Pumps, Benchtop Distillation, Rotorary Evaporators, Alcohol Stills)
  • Fractional Distillation (Vacuum Pumps, Short Path Distillation, Theoretical Plates, Reflux Ratio, Packing, Column Design, Vacuum Level, Vacuum Displacement)
  • Molecular Distillation (Wiped film, Thin film, Falling Film, Diffusion Pumps)

- Lunch
- Winterization & Filtration Discussion
- Safety & Setup
- Terpene Reintroduction Discussion
- Product Applications (Edibles, E-Pens, Pharmaceutical, Topical)
- Q&A / Open Discussion

Day 2
Location & Details:

Confidence Analytics
14797 NE 95th St
Redmond, WA 98052

- Distillation Setup
- Pre-distillation filtration demo (Vacuum assisted Buchner filtration)
- Complete Distillation Demonstation
- Cleanup Process
- Q&A

Day 1 includes a complimentary breakfast, snacks, and lunch provided by Open Source Steel.

Estimated class length time is roughly 5 hours total each day. Day 1 starting at 10 AM, day 2 starting at 10:30 AM

Attendance is strictly enforced. Photo ID is required! If your name is not on the ticket then you will not be allowed to attend. If you purchased a group ticket you need to let us know all the names of individuals attending

Online classes are available, please contact us after purchasing your ticket for arrangements.

For additional information please contact or 800-333-4729 extension #3

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