5 Corners Not To Cut: An Introduction To Extraction

5 Corners Not To Cut: An Introduction To Extraction

5 Corners Not To Cut…. For Beginners

Ultimate Rule #1: Safety First! Always Pressure & Vacuum Test prior to any extraction

  1. Clean Solvent / Distilling Gas
  • Source 99.95+% Solvents from reliable sources, don’t use Blue Rhino or Gas Station propane!
  • Distill all solvents prior to use to remove any and all “mystery oil” or lubricants from production.
  • Store in sanitary stainless steel tank, do not use Carbon steel it can rust!


  1. Cold Solvent / Frozen Material = Better color/terps
  • Colder the better!
  • Coagulate Fats, Impurities and keep moisture frozen < 32f! 
  • Cons, Reduces solvent pressure and will require pressure assist using Nitrogen or Warm Butane tank!


  1. Molecular Sieve 3A, 4A, Indicating
  • 3A Molecular Sieve is primarily for removing moisture from liquefied and gaseous materials.
  • Has a pore size of 3A or 3 angstrom. Any molecule larger than 3A will not be able to be adsorbed.
  • 3A Molecular Sieve can be regenerated and reused. To regenerate the sieve you need to remove the adsorbed moisture and other materials. To regenerate 3A Molecular Sieve heat to 250ƒ.
  • Keep 3A Molecular Sieve in an airtight container until ready for use to avoid unintended moisture adsorption.


  1. Pump Maintenance
  • Service and Regular Cleaning
  • Check for piston blowby / Crankcase leaks
  • Backup Pump


  1. Organization / Feng Shui
  • Adequate Space for working
  • Prep Space
  • Tools
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Extra Material Spools / Socks
  • Garbage

Try to make your life easier, not harder!

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