Consultation & Support

We have experienced i502 engineers and consultants available for both on-site and over the phone/internet video consultations. Contact us for information regarding rates, on-site requests, and scheduling at 800-333-4729. We're available M-F 10A - 6P PST. Weekend and after hours support available by request.

With our years of experience as extractors and collaborating with industry experts, we excel in our ability to offer the highest quality modular, scalable and efficient solutions that have been tested and proven to provide outstanding results time and time again.


  • System Configuration
  • Upgrades
  • General Assistance
  • Light hydrocarbon extraction with T.T.P. protocols
  • Short path / Fractional distillation 
  • Dewaxing/Winterizing methods
  • Compliance and licensing
  • Extraction lab blueprinting and engineering
  • Product packaging
  • Solvent procurement
  • Cryogenic equipment and processes
  • Product marketing and branding
  • Product finishing techniques
  • Terpene isolation and re-introduction
  • Product testing
  • Used Equipment

Do you have a need outside of Washington state? Well, we have a network of dedicated talent outside of Washington who are capable to providing training and on-site services! Ask us today!