Pesticide Remediation SOP (Myclobutanil Focus)

Pesticide Remediation SOP (Myclobutanil Focus)

(Myclobutanil Focus)


  • SDS Sheets: Available upon request on all chemicals used in this process.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    1. Splash Goggles
    2. Lab Coat
    3. Gloves

Preparation and Use

Overview: Distilled cannabis oil will be mixed with n-Heptane, washed with pH adjusted saline, then passed over a MagSil-PR column.

    • Concentration - Use full concentration of
      • n-Heptane
      • 99% USP Isopropyl Alcohol
      • MagSil-PR
      • T-41
    • Quantity
      • 2 Parts n-Heptane to 1 Part Distilled Cannabis Oil (2:1)
      • 1 Part n-Heptane to 1 part MagSil-PR (1:1)
      • 2 Parts MagSil-PR to 1 part Distilled Cannabis Oil (2:1)
      • 1 Part Isopropyl to 1 Part MagSil-PR (1:1)
    • Frequency - An initial volume of distilled oil is used. An initial volume of n-Heptane is used, more is added to flush the column.  Isopropyl is used to flush the column.

    • Location - Distillation of crude oil occurs in the short path still


    1. Dissolve first pass distillate in n-Heptane (2:1, n-Heptane:Distillate).
    2. Add solution to reactor.
    3. Prepare 60 parts saline (1-5% Sale to distilled water).
    4. Separate saline into 3 equal volumes.
    5. Use Citric Acid to bring the pH of one volume of saline to pH 4.
    6. Use Sodium Bicarbonate to bring the pH of one volume of saline to pH 8.
    7. Add pH 4 Saline to Reactor.
    8. Mix for 10 minutes.
    9. Drain Saline.
    10. Repeat steps 7-9 with pH 8 Saline.
    11. Repeat steps 7-9 with remaining neutral pH saline
    12. Add t-41 per label instructions, to the solution in reactor, mix per label instructions.
    13. Wet load MagSil-PR in chromatography column
    14. Drain solution from reactor to top of chromatography column, collect all fractions together
    15. Before column runs dry, flush volume of clean n-Heptane through column
    16. Before column runs dry, swap collection vessel and flush volume of clean Isopropyl 
    17. Rotovap n-Heptane solution
    18. Second pass SPD
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