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Cole-Parmer Venturi Vacuum Pump, 3.2 cfm, 28.0"Hg

Cole-Parmer Venturi Vacuum Pump, 3.2 cfm, 28.0"Hg

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Cole-Parmer Venturi Vacuum Pump, 3.2 cfm, 28.0"Hg

No moving parts ensures long life with low maintenance
  • Venturi pumps are air-powered—require no electrical power source or lubricant
  • Place these compact vacuum pumps close to application for fast response and minimal vacuum loss
  • 5 year warranty


These pumps take advantage of the venturi effect—as a stream of compressed air exits a constricted orifice the resulting pressure drop draws air through a vacuum port. Since they require no oil or electricity, the resulting vacuum (up to 29.5" Hg) is clean and efficient. With no moving parts or electrical hazards, these air-powered pumps are also intrinsically safe. The remarkably compact size of these pumps enables you to design vacuum systems with smaller, less expensive components and reduced maintenance costs. Each model (except 79165-40) includes a replaceable silencer that reduces noise levels up to 30% while offering minimal resistance to air flow.

Select the model of vacuum pump best suited to your specific application. Model 78165-20 includes a vacuum gauge which provides easy visual monitoring—helpful when troubleshooting. We recommend an air filter upstream of the pump to prolong service life. Filter should have a pore size of 50 µm or smaller.

Please note: There will be a muffler change in the 2nd half of 2022. The vacuum pump may ship with a slightly different muffler and an increase noise level of 6 dB.


Specifications & Description

  • Wetted Parts: Aluminum, Brass, Buna N
  • Free-Air Capacity (CFM): 3.2
  • Free-Air Capacity (LPM): 90.6
  • Free-Air Capacity (LPH): 5436
  • Max Flow Rate (CFM): 3.17
  • Max Flow Rate (Liters/min): 90.6
  • Max Vacuum (in Hg): 28
  • Max Vacuum (mbar): 65.1
  • Max Vacuum (mm Hg): 48.8
  • Max Vacuum (torr): 48.8
  • Air Input At 80 Psi (CFM): 4.8
  • Air Input At 80 Psi (LPM): 136
  • Port Sizeair supply: 1/4" NPT(F), vacuum: 1/4"SB
  • Max Temperature (° F): 140
  • Max Temperature (° C): 60
  • Height (in): 3.5
  • Width (in): 1
  • Length (in): 4.625
  • Height (cm): 8.89
  • Width (cm): 2.54
  • Length (cm): 11.75
  • Height (mm): 88.9
  • Width (mm): 25.4
  • Length (mm): 117.5
  • Description: Venturi Vacuum Pump, 3.2 cfm, 28.0"Hg
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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