Four Column Manifold

Four Column Manifold

Vendor :Open Source Steel

Type :Manifolds

SKU: 10305

$ 380.70
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Clean up the mess of hoses by introducing an injection and/or liquid outlet manifold!

Column Manifolds fit our standard R2 Racks or R3 Racks

Upgrade your old extractor, or build a new custom setup using our manifolds today!


 Manifold Type Dimensions
R2 Rack Manifold 40"x7"x2"
R3 Rack Manifold 46"x7"x2"

*R3 Rack is 6" wider than the R2 Rack

Options Available

Includes 2x Manifold Mounting Clamps for R2/R3 Rack
No Clamps offered as an option if you're not using an R2 or R3 Rack. (Custom applications)