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Material Rack (5 lbs.) - 4"x24"

Material Rack (5 lbs.) - 4"x24"

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Material Rack (5 lbs.) - 4"x24"


The 5lb Material Column Rack! A stand-alone, mobile material column rack.

Contains TWO 4"x24" material spools each holding up to 2.5lb capacity at fully ground material for a total of 5lbs in one single batch run!

The Material Column Rack, designed to be used with our C-1 Collection Base, or ready to attach to most closed-loop extractors.

Comes Assembled & Pressure tested!


4"x24" Material Columns
125psi Pressure Relief Valves
150psi Pressure Gauges
Inline Filtration Stacks
Injection Manifold
Recovery Manifold
Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hosing (3/8" JIC Connections)

Accessories Included:
1-3 micron Filter Papers
20-25 micron Filter Papers
2x 4" Filter Plates
4x 4" Filter Rings
4x 4"x24" Nylon Filter Socks

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