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Open Source Steel

R600 N-Butane (In-Store Only)

R600 N-Butane (In-Store Only)

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Guaranteed 99.5% Purity Hydrocarbon Gases

As an industry leader supplying cannabis extraction products and equipment since 2015, we understand the importance of getting quick and safe access to hydrocarbon gases and liquid solvents for your extraction needs. When you shop with us, you can be sure of getting the highest quality butane with up to 99.5-99.97% purity. Our pure butane is perfect for anyone concerned about quality. We sell quality products at the best prices.

We offer an industrial-grade 4-phase decontamination and cylinder cleaning process to ensure that every product you get is top-grade. Shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting the best high-purity butane available on the market today.

Your Reliable and Reputable Supplier

Open Source Steel has been around since 2015, so we know what you need. Our high-purity butane is made in the USA. We offer a reliable customer service team that will help if you have any questions during your purchase process or to discuss bulk orders. We also carry a range of other products, including high purity propane gas cylinders, liquid solvents such as heptane, isobutene, and pure ethanol.

If you need pure butane in any quantity or have questions about our high purity products for cannabis extraction, please contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

Cylinder valve information:

SINGLE VALVE: The LP-20 cylinder is equipped with an internal liquid dip tube attached to an external liquid withdrawal port. The withdrawal port is POL, which is the common name for the standard CGA-510 connection. The thread specification is .885“14 NGO“LH“INT; meaning .885 diameter thread, 14 threads per inch, National Gas Outlet form, and left-hand internal thread. FOR THE SINGLE VALVE ONLY: We offer a 1/4 male SAE stainless steel adapter (part#: SS304084) to use for connecting this product to your system.

DUAL VALVE: The LP-20 cylinder is equipped with an internal liquid siphon dip tube with 1 liquid port (red) and 1 vapor port (blue). The red port is attached to the internal liquid siphon dip tube. The size and type of the valve connections are 1/4 male SAE flare fittings. If you would like to step up your fittings for 3/8" hoses please purchase this fitting separately: OSSFA14FS38MJ

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