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Tacoma Screw

Rack Bolt - M10x1.5

Rack Bolt - M10x1.5

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Rack Bolt - M10x1.5


Lengths 90mm and 110mm can be used for connecting our Racks together
(2x 1.5" tubing wide)

90mm is the minimum length required to get washers on bolt and still secure properly

110mm length leaves more length on the end of the bolt for loosening and tightening

90mm and 110mm are partially threaded

140mm length is used for extending racks, i.e. adding another rack center and leg to your existing rack
(3x 1.5" tubing wide)

 Replacement and Accessory Items 

Flat Washer 18-8 SS
Flat Washer 18-8 SS

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