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Solvent Tank Siphon Tube w/ Sight Glass Window

Solvent Tank Siphon Tube w/ Sight Glass Window

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Solvent Tank Siphon Tube w/ Sight Glass Window

These allow you to see inside your solvent tank and makes it easier to track your solvent levels.

4" Tri-Clamp Flat Cap/ Lid
3/8" Compression Fitting

1.5" Spanner Style Borosilicate Sight Window
Rated to 145psi

Jacketed 100lb/100lb Length: 48 1/8"
Jacketed 50lb Length: 30 1/2"
50lb Length: 28 5/16"
Jacketed 25lb Length: 13 3/16"
25lb Length: 20 1/8"


Please measure the length of your siphon tube.

If not noted on your order, we will send you the Size/Length listed above.

If you need another length, we can cut it to any length needed.


*Please place a note in your order for the custom length to be cut.

-Jacketed 100lb/100lb - Must be less than 48 1/8"
-Jacketed 50lb - Must be less than 30 1/2"
-50lb - Must be less than 28 5/16"
-Jacketed 25lb - Must be less than 13 3/16"
-25lb - Must be less than 20 1/8"

* Dip Tube is measured from under the flat cap to the end of the diptube.

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